Year-round Tree Services: What You Need To Know

Tree care in Minnesota does not stop when the leaves fall; in fact, some of the services we provide should be done year-round and some are best done in the colder months.


You may be wondering why we are sharing services needed in the colder months during the beginning of summer. The reason is that we want to help you understand tree health and prioritize what needs to be done. Knowing what we offer later in the year means you can call us, schedule an appointment for these services and take comfort in knowing your trees are in good hands.


Dutch Elm disease (DED) is a contagious disease spread by the elm bark beetle. We won’t get into all the details of treating DED, but like most illnesses, the early detection is vital to saving a tree – and all the surround Elm trees.

Insecticide is the first step in treating DED. We want to eliminate the chance of the beetles spreading while we work on the tree. Because these bugs are most active in the summer months, DED treatment can be more effective when started in the colder months. If there are fewer disease spreading bugs to worry about, our plan of action – whether it is disease management or removal of the tree – is significantly less challenging and risky because we have to worry less about the bugs and can focus on the tree.


Emerald Ash Borer is nonnative invasive insect that destroys ash trees. It is a huge problem in Minnesota; so much so, that we currently have quarantines in Ramsey, Hennepin, Houston and Winona counties to help slow the spread of EAB to other areas.

It's against the law to move the following items out of EAB-quarantined counties:

·       Firewood from hardwood trees

·       Entire ash trees

·       Ash limbs and branches

·       Ash logs or untreated ash lumber with bark attached

·       Un-composted ash chips and un-composted ash bark chips greater than 1 inch in two dimensions.

Late winter is the best time to discover EAB infested ash by looking for woodpecker activity. It is also part of the small time frame we have to treat or simply prune ash trees. In early May, city officials asked residents to hold off on pruning ash trees until the fall. Even pruning healthy trees is too risky. Open wounds can let the disease in more easily.


As you probably noticed from the last two services, pruning and trimming are best done when the leaves are off the trees. This can be for health reasons – wanting to prevent the spread of diseases, including Oak Wilt and Apple Scab in addition to those above. Pruning and trimming in the colder months is also about strategy. It is easier to spot hazards or disease when leaves are not obscuring the view of the branches and trunk.


If a heavy snow or blizzard winds harm large branches or trees, follow the same rule as your do for summer storms – make us your first call. Our certified arborists will come out and remove the hazard safely and effectively, so you don’t have to worry about compromising the safety of your property of family.

Give us a call today while you are thinking about tree care. We will set up appointments now so you will be prepared for year-round tree care instead of struggling to remember what needs to be done when.