Safety First Tree Care

Working in the tree care industry can be a dangerous job—for us as we climb and/or cut down large trees and branches, and also for the families and the properties that are being treated.

For this reason, safety comes first at Birch Tree Care.


When we come to work in your yard, we think about safety from start to finish. Here are a few of our high-level safety tenants and procedures we follow on every job:


Before we even step foot on your property, we are thinking about safety. Before we leave the office we need to know the laws and warnings about tree trimming in your area. We closely follow legislation in our service areas and we are always watching the warnings about tree diseases and the infection risk in those areas.


When we show up to your home, we are going to have a look around the yard. Of course we need to assess the tree that needs trimming, but we need to take a look around it, too. When we are looking around, we are looking for potential hazards such as electrical wires, nearby trees that could interfere with the work and the weather conditions.


Before we start getting our harnesses on or pulling out the tools, we take a look at the tree we are about to work on. In addition to deciding what needs to be done to the tree, we need to think about what could happen to the tree. We need to consider what effect the weight of a person hanging from the tree will have and determine our best anchor points for climbing. We need to think about the branches that are about to be cut and what could happen when we start cutting. If you see us staring at your tree, we are not daydreaming. We are making sure we consider safety from every angle.


No matter the job, here are a few more things on our safety checklist:

  • Even though we only use the top-rated equipment, we test our equipment before every job.

  • We always wear the proper protective gear.
  • We have at least one ground assistant when someone is climbing.
  • At least one of our ground assistants on every job knows the emergency response procedures.
  • All equipment that is in the tree but not in use is tied up to prevent it from falling.


We will not do a job if we think we don’t have the crew or equipment to have it done safely. We always come prepared, but if there is something that is interfering with safety, whether it is bad weather or the tree has shifted since we last saw it, we will reassess the job, and if we need to, wait until we have the right weather, crew or equipment to perform the job safely under these new circumstances. We want to fix your trees quickly, but we always choose safety over speed.

 Safety comes first, but it is just one of our values at Birch Tree Care; we also place importance on openness and honesty, accountability, professionalism and competitiveness. As soon as you call us, you will know you have hired the best.