Now Is The Time: Ash Tree Care

Starting October 1st, it is safe to begin cutting and pruning ash trees in Minnesota.

Due to Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), a non-native insect transported from Asia to the US that kills ash trees, we generally do not work on ash trees from May 1 – September 30 when the insect is most active and likely to spread to other trees.


If you have any ash trees in your yard (or don’t know if you do), call us at Birch Tree Care. When we come to your home we will inspect your ash trees for signs of EAB. If your tree has an infestation, we will advise you on whether or not to cut down the tree.

An infested tree is a weak, dying tree.  EAB eats the tree and makes it structurally unstable. The weight of snow or strong winds could cause large branches, or the entire tree, to fall. If it is that weak, we will advise you cut it down in order to prevent any accidents during the winter. It is cheaper, and much safer, to cut down a sick tree than to have it fall and cause harm to your home or family.


If we catch the infestation early, we can attempt to treat it. We can inject the tree with an insecticide that targets the adult insects. We also offer this injection as a regular service for ash trees to prevent an infestation versus just trying to treat it.


If your ash trees do not have EAB, now is also the time to prune them. During the EAB active season, open wounds are entry points for insects to infect your ash trees. During the fall and winter, the insects are not as active and not likely to move into your freshly pruned tree.

Ash trees in Minnesota are not resistant to EAB, so call a professional to inspect and prune your ash trees. We are able to spot the subtle signs of an EAB infestation and prevent the spread of this lethal insect. Together we can protect our state’s precious trees.