Just for Fun: 5 Fun Halloween Ideas for Your Yard

Halloween is meant to be festive and outrageous, so why not do something different this spooky season, like adding spooky decor to your yard! Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or hard and will create memories for your family and friends for years to come. Check out these fun tree and yard decorating ideas that contain products that can easily be homemade or obtained at any local Halloween store.

·      Spider webs: Spiders fit right into a spooky Halloween theme and putting up fake spider webs is pretty easy (and cheap!). Covering the tops of your shrubs and small trees with cobweb material can be done for just a few dollars, and everyone who sees it will instantly think of Halloween.

·      Jack O’ lantern display: Jack O’ Lanterns are staple Halloween decorations and a fun fall activity. If you’re not artistically inclined, you can also use a stencil to create a Jack O’ Lantern design or check out some ideas online. Set your Jack O’ Lanterns along your porch, driveway or walk way.

·      Decorated tree branches: Bare-limbed trees provide the perfect ghostly perch for small pumpkins, LED candle lanterns or a flock of faux black crows. Make sure the tree limbs are sturdy enough to support the weight of your items you are hanging and take care not to over-decorate, which can lessen the overall effect and cause damage to your trees.

·      Miniature graveyard: This classic Halloween decoration idea turns your yard into a creepy cemetery. Use reclaimed materials to create a free graveyard. To create your haunted cemetery, cut different shapes out of cardboard and paint them to look like aging tombstones. Once they dry, you can arrange them on the lawn to look like a miniature graveyard.

·      Outdoor Halloween arrangements: Plants that are past their prime can be simply bewitching on Halloween. Their imperfections—the dramatic shapes, colors and textures not found in just-bloomed plants—are part of the appeal. For more ideas check out these “spooktacular” outdoor ideas.

Safety Tip

Be careful when putting up Halloween decorations and mindful of any trees or shrubs that may need to be professionally removed. Even though a dead tree might be fun to have for your Halloween theme, it’s best to be removed by a professional so no one gets hurt or additional landscape elements stay in check. If you’re in need of this type of service, be sure to call a certified arborist to help you out.