Creating A More Private And Quiet Space In Your Own Yard

Ever wanted that secluded, peaceful feeling of a getaway without having to leave your backyard? Why not make your yard more sheltered by planting a privacy border?  Privacy modifications can make an attractive addition to your yard. Below, we’re sharing design tips and the best trees and plants to plant for privacy and noise reduction.

·      Plant a privacy border: The classic privacy border usually includes lush evergreen hedges to create a protective barrier. However, you can spice up this traditional look by planting different varieties of shrubs. Added bonus – if a disease or pest invades one shrub, having multiple types of shrubs will guarantee your entire border isn’t affected.

·      Create a living fence: Plant flowering shrubs close together so they graft and begin to grow as a single plant. Choose self-grafting plants to make it easier and be patient. This look often takes a year to establish.

·      Block out noise with trees and water: The best solution to a noisy neighborhood: plant a tree! According to USDA research, a tree can muffle urban noise by up to 50%! If the noise is still bothering you, even after planting a few trees, add in a fountain to drown out additional noise.

·      Be aware of space: Always anticipate how big each plant will be when its fully grown when deciding on an appropriate and ideal place for planting. One way to avoid this guess work is by purchasing larger, more established trees and shrubs, however, the cost will be more upfront. On the flip slide, smaller plants cost less but you’ll have to wait for your full privacy until they grow in.

·      Layer up: Always layer trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials because you can create a much more natural woodland space that also blocks out noise. This is both ascetically pleasing and practical.

Best trees for privacy and noise reduction

o   Spruce: Any spruce blocks noise and grows tall to create a private space

o   White oak: A slow-growing shade tree with great fall color

o   Silver or red maple: Fast-growing shade trees with unbelievable fall foliage

o   Pine: Any variety of pine will provide privacy and reduce noise

Best shrubs for privacy and noise reduction

o   Viburnum: Shrubs that provide color and interest in every season

o   Juniper: A fast-growing, drought-tolerant evergreen shrub

o   Eastern or giant arborvitae: A fast-growing, pyramid-shaped hedge

o   Dogwoods: A tough and low maintenance shrub with blooms

For more ideas and expert advice, contact a professional! Also check out these cool tools to help create your privacy border and make sure to be aware of the best times to plant your new tree(s) or shrubs.