10 Ways To Celebrate Arbor Day

You don’t have to be a tree hugger to know that trees are important. Trees are not just beautiful; they are the lungs of the Earth and have many health benefits for humans, so take some time to celebrate trees this Arbor Day and every day.

  1. Plant a tree – Add new life to your yard and reap the benefits.
  2. Share something – Use your social media channels to bring awareness to the day. Share your favorite nature quote or photo.
  3. Read a book – Love for nature begins at a young age, so read a nature-themed book with your kids.
  4. Volunteer – There are so many organizations out there working to protect trees and wildlife. Choose one that matches your passion and start working to make difference.
  5. Download an app – Yes, there is an app for nature! Actually, there are a lot. Check out our favorite nature apps.
  6. Clean up – Go to your local park or your favorite walking path and pick up trash.
  7. “Like” a new organization – Search for a new nature organization to follow on social media so your newsfeed is always informing you on ways to be green.
  8. Go for a hike – Take advantage of all our beautiful, tree-filled state and national parks by taking hike.
  9. Ride your bike – Save gas and get some exercise by riding your bike to work or to the store.
  10. Attend an event – There are Arbor Day celebrations all over Minnesota today and throughout the next few weeks. Find one near you.

Without trees, there would be no us, so celebrate and protect trees by making every day Arbor Day!