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Never guess about the trees on your property or what work has been done on them again. Using GIS-based technology, our specialists create a map of your property that includes the following information:

  • Species

  • Location

  • Size

  • Quantities

  • Condition

  • Service and treatment recommendations

This map provides a baseline and history of work that has been done. If your HOA board members change, you will still have a record of past treatments and care. With this service, you will be kept up to date as work is performed and as your property develops.

Trees are a major portion of your property’s landscape, and arguably the most expensive. Keeping an inventory can be important for insurance purposes if you were to lose trees in a storm. Contact us for a free estimate today!


"Thank you for exceptional service! I couldn’t believe how clean the area was where you ground the stumps – even the windows were clean! I was very pleased with all your work and professionalism. I would highly recommend you!" - Mary, South Saint Paul